Corporate / Business Menu


Bistro Danish
Artisan Breakfast Pastry
Petite Muffins
Coffee Cake
Sticky Buns
Fresh Baked Bagels

served w/butter, jam & cream cheese


Individual French Toast Squares
topped with maple cinnamon crumble

Cream Cheese & Strawberry
Dark Chocolate
Ham & Swiss

served w/brie cheese & orange marmalade

Fruit & Yogurt
Fruit & Berry Platter
Fresh Fruit & Berry Cups
Homemade Granola
Chobani Greek Yogurt
Stony Field Fruit Yogurt
Greek Yogurt Parfait Cup
Greek Yogurt & Granola Parfait Cup
Greek Yogurt & Berries Parfait Cup

Air Pot of Regular or Decaf
Tazo Tea Assortment

Bottled Juice Assortment
Orange, Grapefruit & Cranberry
Fresh Squeezed Juice
Poland Springs Water
Poland Springs ½ pints


Hot Breakfast

Spinach & Feta • Ham & Swiss Mushroom & Cheddar • Broccoli, Tomato & Feta Applewood Bacon & Swiss • Bacon & Leek

Spinach & Feta • Ham & Swiss
Vegetarian Greek Vegetarian
*Ham & Brie Cheese

w/eggs, peppers, onions, cheddar
*add ham or bacon
*add salsa & sour cream

Served On English Muffins With: eggs, cheddar, peppers & onions
*add Bacon. Ham or Canadian Bacon

Fresh Campari Tomato & Choice of Feta or Cheddar

Served w/Real Maple Syrup & Butter

Applewood Bacon, Chicken & Apple Sausage or Breakfast Links

Rustic Red Bliss Potato Wedges Roasted Rosemary Home Fries Sweet Potato Wedges

Butter, Jam & Toaster Setup English Muffins, Wheat, Crusty Ciabatta & Rye Bread

Bistro Sandwiches
petite croissant or pillow rolls
Served on ciabatta, focaccia & multi grain rolls
organic lettuce & locally grown tomatoes

House Rare Roast Beef

Roasted Turkey
w/cheddar & dijon crème fraîche

Black Forest Ham
w/cheddar & dijon crème fraîche

Tarragon Chicken Salad
w/celery, almonds & grapes

Classic Egg Salad
w/celery, red onion, mayo & dijon

Solid White Tuna
w/crisp celery, fresh dill & lemon

Caprese Vegetarian
w/vine tomato, pesto & fresh mozzarella

Roasted Vegetable
w/seasonal vegetables & chevre

Boxed Lunches

Includes: Sandwich, Chips, Side Dish, Clementine, Cookie, Bottled Water
Choose One Variety Per Order:
Israeli Cous-Cous
Red Bliss Potato Salad
Traditional Cole Slaw
Summer Pasta Salad
Fruit Salad
Choose Three Varieties Per Order:
Sandwich Selections:

Roasted Turkey
w/cheddar, dijon crème fraîche, lettuce & tomato

Rare Roast Beef
w/boursin, lettuce & tomato

Black Forest Ham
w/cheddar, dijon crème fraîche, lettuce & tomato

w/tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil & virgin olive oil

Solid White Tuna Salad Sandwich
w/lemon, fresh dill, lettuce & tomato

Tarragon Chicken Salad
w/celery, almonds & grapes


Retro Wraps
Served on white, wheat, sun dried tomato or spinach
With mixed greens & locally grown tomatoes

The Hep Cat
turkey, apples, bleu cheese & apricot chutney

The Cotton Club
turkey, crisp bacon & ranch

The Road To Rio
buffalo chicken, cucumbers, ranch & blue cheese

The Little Caesar
chicken, caesar dressing, croutons & shaved parmesan

Papa’s Key West Chicken
chicken, chevre, mango & honey lime sauce

The Greek Tycoon
gyros, feta, sun dried tomato aioli, roasted red peppers & olives

The Al Capone
ham, genoa, provolone, olives, caesar dressing

The Gandhi
curried egg salad with celery, red onion, mayo & dijon mustard

The Road to Morocco
hummus, tabouli, feta & olives

The La Dolce Vita
campari tomato, fresh mozzarella & pesto

The Bella Notte
mozzarella, roasted red peppers, sun dried tomato aioli & basil

The Citizen Kane
baby spinach, red pepper hummus, raisins, cashews, apples & cilantro


Gourmet Chips
Homemade Pickles
Biscuits & Butter
Crusty Bread Assortment
Homemade Garlic Knots
Bio-Degradable Plate Setting
Finer Disposable Plate Setting


Green Salads
*with beef or chicken

House Salad
greens, strawberries, orchids & almonds

Garden Salad
fresh vegetables atop organic greens

Greek Salad
fresh vegetables, black olives & feta

Spinach Salad
pears, bleu cheese, toasted walnuts

Caprese Salad
greens, vine tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, pesto & evoo

Mandarin Salad
greens, orange, chow mien noodles

Caesar Salad
crisp romaine, garlic croutons, parmesan

Premium Green Side Salads
*with beef or chicken

South West Salad
greens, avocado, black beans, corn, cheddar cheese

Waldorf Salad
mixed field greens, apples, grapes, dried fruits,
bleu cheese & walnuts

Cobb Salad
applewood bacon, avocado, egg, bleu cheese & tomato

Wedge Salad
iceberg lettuce, bacon, tomato, ranch, bleu cheese


Pasta, Potato & Side Salads
Potato Salad
classically prepared w/buttermilk & dill

German Potato Salad
w/dijon vinaigrette

Asian Cole Slaw
w/thai curry spice, craisins & fennel

Traditional Pasta Salad
w/crisp veggies & vinaigrette

Curry Pasta Salad
w/apples, currants, celery & cashews

Greek Pasta Salad
w/cucumbers, feta, olive, lemon & pepper

Thai Pasta
w/pineapple & broccoli with asian dressing

Black Bean Salad
w/red peppers, cilantro & lime

Asian Green Bean Salad
w/sesame vinaigrette

*Quinoa Salad
w/fresh vegetables, herb medley & golden raisins

*Edamame Salad
w/seasonal vegetables & asian vinaigrette

*Broccoli Salad
w/walnuts, golden raisins & cinnamon

*Traditional Waldorf Salad
w/fresh apples, celery & walnuts
*Prices subject to change without notice

World Cuisines

American Buffets
Northeast Buffet
Chicken Pot Pie w/mashed potato, squash puree, cranberry sauce, stuffing

Northeast Buffet #2
Yankee Pot Roast w/ yukon potatoes & fresh carrots, mixed greens salad

Southern Buffet
Southern Fried Chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, homemade pickles, mixed greens salad

*Cajun Buffet
Jambalaya w/shrimp & andouille sausage, marinated black eye peas, sweet corn bread, mixed greens salad

Cajun Buffet #2
chicken gumbo, fluffy rice, marinated black eye peas, sweet corn bread, mixed greens salad

*Maine Buffet
Crab Cakes w/lemon aioli, arugula salad w/blueberries & toasted nuts, biscuits & butter, sweet corn succotash

*Maine Buffet #2
Local Classic Baked Haddock, whipped maine potatoes, crisp green beans, mixed greens salad

Texan Buffet
Angus Cheese Burgers Or Veggie Black Bean Burgers served on ciabatta, sweet potato fries, wedge salad

*Tex Mex Buffet
Taco Bar w/corn tortillas, ground beef, refried beans, chopped salad, rice, sour cream & salsa

International Buffets

Asian Buffet
Thai Peanut Noodles w/chicken, pot stickers,
egg rolls, mandarin salad

Asian Buffet #2
Chicken Stir Fry, jasmine rice, edamame salad,
mixed greens salad w/pineapple & cashews

Thai Buffet
Vegetable Pad Thai Or Vegetable Red Curry, chicken sate
w/peanut sauce, crab rangoons, mandarin salad

English Buffet
Beef Stew, mashed potatoes, green beans,
mixed greens salad, popovers

Irish Buffet
Shepherd's Pie, buttered corn, mixed greens salad, biscuits & butter

Polish Buffet
Perogies stuffed with mashed potatoes, grilled kielbasa,
shaved cabbage w/dijon vinaigrette

Indian Buffet
Curried Chicken w/vegetables, vegetable Samosas,
basmati rice, naan, mixed greens salad

Middle Eastern Buffet
Hummus, Tabouli, pita bread, feta, olives, aponata,
rice pilaf, mixed greens salad

Greek Buffet
Spinach & Feta Pie, rice pilaf, greek salad, hummus & tabouli

Mexican Buffet
Chicken Fajitas (with all the fixings), chopped salad,
mexican rice, chips & salsa

*Spanish Buffet
Classic Paella w/shrimp, chicken, sausage,
mixed greens salad, sweet corn bread

Italian Buffet # 1
Eggplant or Chicken Parmesan, linguini,
garlic bread, caesar salad

Italian Buffet # 2
Chicken Marsala, linguini, garlic bread, caprese salad

Italian Buffet # 3
Vegetable Lasagna Spirals, garlic bread, caesar salad

Italian Buffet # 4
Mushroom Risotto, green bean nicoise,
garlic bread, caprese salad

*French Buffet
Beef Bourguignon, fluffy rice, peasant loaf, mixed greens salad

Spinach & Feta • Ham & Swiss Chicken, Apple & Cheddar • Mushroom & Gruyere Spinach, Mushroom & White Cheddar Asparagus & Gouda

Tomato Fennel Bisque • Roasted Butternut Squash Asian Coconut Chicken • Black Bean & Roasted Corn Venetian Chicken & Orzo • Tuscan Minestrone Tortilla Chicken Soup • Carrot Ginger Spicy Gazpacho • Asparagus & Fresh Thyme
*New England Clam Chowder • *Chili Con Carne

Ham, Swiss & Apricot Chutney
Spinach & Feta
Classic BLT
Sundried Tomato & Fresh Basil

10 person minimum/priced per guest
Vegetarian • Meat • Seafood • Greek Chicken • Chicken Carbonara Chipotle Chicken • Marsala Chicken Curry Chicken • Chicken & Spinach Gratin Chicken Cordon Bleu • Peanut Chicken Vegetarian Lasagna • Pasta Primavera Ricotta Stuffed Shells • Shrimp Scampi Greek Shrimp Scampi • Beef Stroganoff

Biscuits & Butter- Crusty Bread Assortment - Garlic Knots - Bio-Degradable Plate Setting - Finer Disposable Plate Setting

Dinner portions available by request

Grilled Chicken
market priceprepared the following ways:
Tarragon Mustard Crème Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil Peach or Mango Salsa Cranberry Chutney & Chevre

Seared Pork Loin
market price prepared the following ways Raspberry Chipotle Sauce Caramelized Apple Butter Rosemary Apricot Chutney Provencal Tapenade Grain Mustard Crème

Grilled Flank Steak
market priceprepared the following ways:
California Thai with avocado coulis
Spicy Dry Rubbed with pico de gallo
Tuscan Marinated with olives & ripe tomato

Fresh Salmon Filet
market price
prepared the following ways:
Spice Rubbed with fruit salsa
Classic Poached with dijon creme fraiche
Maple Miso Glazed with grilled pineapple & cilantro

Simple Side Dishes
chef prepared to pair with your entree choice
Petite Green Beans • Zucchini Ribbons
Corn Succotash • Roasted Cauliflower
Mashed Potatoes • Roasted Potatoes
Rice Pilaf • Quinoa Pilaf • Crimson Lentils
Butternut Squash Puree • Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Easy to Eat Snacks
Tortilla Chips
w/homemade salsa & guacamole

Pretzel Shop Package
pretzel bites with bavarian sweet mustard,
chocolate-drizzled pretzels and jumbo
pretzels served with warm cheddar cheese dip
Celery Sticks
w/peanut butter, raisins & honey
Trail Mix Cups
Chocolate Rice Cakes
w/peanut butter, bananas & honey
Cheddar Sticks
wrapped in prosciutto

Caprese Skewers
w/pesto dip

Crudités Cups
w/herb dip

Homemade Applesauce
w/maple cookies

Deviled Eggs

Honey Lime Fruit Kabobs
seasonal fresh fruit skewer with a
honey-lime glaze and a hint of cayenne

Ceo Snack Tray
assorted bite-sized sandwiches
(turkey, beef & veggie),
assorted bite-sized wraps,
(cotton club, road to rio & citizen kane),
domestic cubed cheese, fresh strawberries
& seedless grapes

Easy to Eat Snacks
Domestic Cheese Platter
w/domestic cheeses, fruit & cracker trio
Gourmet Cheese Platter
w/imported cheeses, fruit, bread & cracker trio
Middle East Platter
w/hummus, tabouli, olives, marinated feta & pita chips
French Provincial Tapenade
w/sliced ciabatta & crackers trio

Provencal Olive & Spiced Nut Assortment

Fresh & Blanched Crudités
w/parisian onion herb dip

Crispy Chicken & Leek Pot Stickers
w/mango duck sauce

Vegetarian California Roll Platter
w/pickled ginger, wasabi, soy sauce & edible orchids

Savory Square Platter
Savory Tarts Featuring;
Ham, Swiss & Apricot Chutney
Spinach & Feta
Classic BLT
Sundried Tomato & Fresh Basil

Easy to Eat Sweets

Fresh Baked Cookies
Homemade varieties including;
Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter & more!

European Pastries
Éclairs, Cream Puffs, Almond Stack & More

Fresh Baked Hermits
Made with dark molasses & raisins

Dessert Bars
Seven Layer, Lemon, Caramel Apple,
Raspberry Chocolate Truffle

Fresh Baked Shortbread Cookies
An assortment of Chocolate, Raspberry, Apricot & Lemon filled shortbreads

Fresh Baked Brownies
Traditional Fudge & assorted flavors

Cheesecake Bites
Vanilla Bean, Turtle, Strawberry Swirl

Fresh Baked Cup Cakes
Devils Food w/cream cheese frosting Vanilla Bean w/chocolate frosting

Petite Tarts & Cakes
A stylish assortment of personal cheesecakes & tarts

Lemon Citron Cake or Tiger Cake
Triple Layered, Light & Moist
Served with Fresh Berry Garnish

Assorted Cakes
Chocolate Guinness Cake, Gingerbread, Red Velvet, Carrot Cake

Apple Crisp

Strawberry Short Cake

Blueberry Cobbler

Cheese Cake Varieties
Turtle, Cherry, Strawberry or Seasonal Variety

Vanilla, Whipped Cream & Fresh Berry
Chocolate, Whipped Cream & Fresh Berry

Whoopee Pies
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries



featuring specialty coffees & assorted Tazo Tea blends Air Pot of Regular or Decaf
Tea Service
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea
Fresh Sun Tea
Fresh Herbal Sun
Tea Arnold Palmer

Homemade Lemonade
Traditional Lemonade
Green Tea Lemonade
Black Tea Lemonade
Cranberry Lemonade

Fresh Brewed Iced Coffee
Served w/Cream & Sugar

Assorted Sodas
Regular & Diet Coke,
Coke Zero
Regular & Diet Sprite
Regular & Diet Ginger Ale
Sunkist Orange
Regular & Diet Pepsi

Premium Beverages
Izze Natural Soda Assortment
Arizona Iced Tea
Arizona Iced Green Tea
San Pellegrino Sodas
Vitamin Water
Perrier Sparkling

Bottled Water
Poland Springs, Dasani & Aquafina

Panna Italian Mineral Water
Served with fresh lemons

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water
served with fresh lemons

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

requires 48 hours notice for all orders Monday - Friday during normal business hours
*Prices subject to change without notice