World Cuisines

American Buffets
Northeast Buffet
Chicken Pot Pie w/mashed potato, squash puree, cranberry sauce, stuffing
Northeast Buffet #2
Yankee Pot Roast w/ yukon potatoes & fresh carrots, mixed greens salad
Southern Buffet
Southern Fried Chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, homemade pickles, mixed greens salad
*Cajun Buffet
Jambalaya w/shrimp & andouille sausage, marinated black eye peas, sweet corn bread, mixed greens salad
Cajun Buffet #2
chicken gumbo, fluffy rice, marinated black eye peas, sweet corn bread, mixed greens salad
*Maine Buffet
Crab Cakes w/lemon aioli, arugula salad w/blueberries & toasted nuts, biscuits & butter, sweet corn succotash
*Maine Buffet # 2
Local Classic Baked Haddock, whipped maine potatoes, crisp green beans, mixed greens salad
Texan Buffet
Angus Cheese Burgers Or Veggie Black Bean Burgers served on ciabatta, sweet potato fries, wedge salad
*Tex Mex Buffet
Taco Bar w/corn tortillas, ground beef, refried beans, chopped salad, rice, sour cream & salsa
add guacamole

International Buffets
Asian Buffet
Thai Peanut Noodles w/chicken, pot stickers,
egg rolls, mandarin salad
Asian Buffet #2
Chicken Stir Fry, jasmine rice, edamame salad,
mixed greens salad w/pineapple & cashews
Thai Buffet
Vegetable Pad Thai or Vegetable Red Curry, chicken sate
w/peanut sauce, crab rangoons, mandarin salad
English Buffet
Beef Stew, mashed potatoes, green beans,
mixed greens salad, popovers
Irish Buffet
Shepherd's Pie, buttered corn, mixed greens salad, biscuits & butter
Polish Buffet
Perogies stuffed with mashed potatoes, grilled kielbasa,
shaved cabbage w/dijon vinaigrette
Indian Buffet
Curried Chicken w/vegetables, vegetable Samosas,
basmati rice, naan, mixed greens salad
Middle Eastern Buffet
Hummus, Tabouli, pita bread, feta, olives, caponata,
rice pilaf, mixed greens salad

International Buffets

Greek Buffet
Spinach & Feta Pie, rice pilaf,
greek salad, hummus & tabouli
Mexican Buffet
Chicken Fajitas (with all the fixings), chopped salad,
mexican rice, chips & salsa,
*Spanish Buffet
Classic Paella w/shrimp, chicken, sausage,
mixed greens salad, sweet corn bread
Italian Buffet # 1
Eggplant or Chicken Parmesan, linguini,
garlic bread, caesar salad
Italian Buffet # 2
Chicken Marsala, linguini, garlic bread, caprese salad
Italian Buffet # 3
Vegetable Lasagna Spirals, garlic bread, caesar salad
Italian Buffet # 4
Mushroom Risotto, green bean nicoise, garlic bread, caprese salad
*French Buffet
Beef Bourguignon, fluffy rice, peasant loaf, mixed greens salad

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